Students are encouraged to take part in the extra and Co-curricular activities in the college. Membership in any one of the associations of the college is compulsory. Each association is headed by staff coordinators who will guide and motivate the students. Student executive committees for each association/club will be formed with students of good academic record who in consultation with the staff coordinators will organize various activites of each association/club. It is the opportunity to blend creativity with facts that makes the learning experience truly real, alive and solid. In order for this creativity to be fostered and to find for itself an outlet, we have clubs and associations for the students to be a part of.

St. Claret Art & Literary Academy (SCALA)

SCALA seeks to introduce programs and competitions that will inspire, tap and nourish artistic,literary and cultural talents of young Claretines. For this purpose, it is envisaged to hold a Talent Search Programme (TSP) every year, form college teams for various art and literary events and send them for various intercollegiate programmes. There will be regular SCALA activities like Debates, Seminars, Cultural events, etc., through out the year. There will be a scholarship for the best SCALA Personality of the college.

Claret Centre for Social Action (CCSA)

CCSA focuses on training students in the art of a life of caring and giving to society and to the needy. Social service activities, undertaking public works, visit and free service to hospitals, old age homes, leprosaria, orphanages, aids homes, home for the mentally challenged, etc., will be arranged in order to open the eyes of the students to the needs of other people.

Sports And Games Association (SAGA)

SAGA aims at providing facilities for the physical development of the students, and theircapacity for teamwork. Various sports and games activities are encouraged and teams formed for the same. Sports and Games Competitions are held at the college-level and participation in various intercollegiate competitions is encouraged.

Christian Student Association (CSA)

CSA is an Association for the spiritual nourishment of the Christian students of St. Claret’s andmaking them witnesses to Christ. Regular Prayer Meetings, Once-a-year Retreat, occasional spiritual talks, screening of movies with Christian themes, Bible study groups, annual competitions based on Bible themes, Christmas celebrations, leadership training program for Christian students, etc., will be some of the activities. Every Christian student, by virtue of one’s admission to St. Claret’s, is a member of CSA.

Science In Action (SIA)

SIA aims at instilling a spirit of enquiry in the Claretines with an inquisitive mind and scientific approach. Guest Lectures, Summer Science Projects, Science Exhibition, Field Programmes, Science Trips etc. are organized under SIA.

Nature for Life Club (NLC)

NLC is a forum where students learn to appreciate the original beauty of the nature and help to preserve it. Students will be exposed to various activities related to different environmental issues and combating them with appropriate actions at their levels. Activities organized by NLC are aimed at creating in the students a sense of discipline, dignity of labour and to encourage the leadership qualities in them. NLC is clubbed with the ECO Club and the members are to take part in the Club program without fail.

Commerce For Action (CFA)

CFA provides opportunities to the commerce students to develop various skills to equip them to the present day challenging commercial realities and rightly orient them for better future. Guest lectures, Seminars, visiting commercial centers, discussions and debates on commercial issues and economic matters are some of the programmes organized by CFA.

Humanitites Appreciation Club (HAC)

HAC aims to project the scope and importance of Subjects under Humanities and their applications in the contemporary world. Creativity in the young minds is stimulated by providing them with opportunities to experiment in various fields and giving scope for the expression of their thoughts. In this pursuit, the HAC aims at providing such opportunities to the students of the Arts faculty in particular and also to the Commerce subjects in general. It helps to express and develop their talents and create a forum for the students to learn and appreciate the various facets of life taught by the Humanities.

lanaguage & literary Academies (LLA)

LLA aims to cultivate and foster better understating and affection towards one’s own language and other languages. Under the aegis of LLA separate language clubs of English, Kannada, Hindi, French and Sanskrit are formed. LLA provides the opportunity to the young students to express their various latent literary talents and appreciate the value of Language and Literature in their lives.

Innovative Quiz Club (IQC)

IQC organizes quiz programmes in all streams and get themselves trained to participate in various inter collegiate quiz programmes.

College Choir (CC)

The musical talents among the Claretines is found out and encouraged through the college choir. The choir has already exhibited their ability to win major competitions conducted by different organizations in the vicinity. The college choir adds rhythm and melody to various programmes organized by the college. SCPC: Handbook 16 2014-2015

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is the forum for all the Claretines to cherish their memorable days in the College and always to keep in touch with the College. As the Claretines complete their course successfully in the college and go out into the world they take along with them the mission and values of their Alma Mater. These values and goals which they have internalized during their stay in the College guide and lead them as they face various challenging situations in their future life. Alumni Association is a mutual support base through which the Claretines as well as the College continue to be part of the larger Claretine Family. Every out going Claretine is supposed to register his/her name with the Alumni Association at the time he/she applies for the T.C.