St. Claret Pre-university College believes in the holistic formation of its students. We at SCPC consider education as the process of forming one to live, work, and definitely an education of the heart to love and grow in human virtues. Hence, Value Education Course is given utmost importance, on par with the academic and curricular studies. Every week, one hour is set aside for each class for the imparting of value education. On chosen days, workshops, seminars, field visits, video shows, etc. will also be held.

The goal of the Value Education Course is: “Self-actualization for Self-transcendence”. Each student is helped to actualise one’s potential for the purpose of transcending oneself for the benefit of oneself, others and the whole humanity. The topics selected focus on three levels of selftranscendence: Egocentric self-transcendence [transcending one’s own immediate needs for better formation of oneself and achievement of long term goals], Philanthropic self-transcendence [transcending oneself for the benefit of other human beings, out of love for them] and Theocentric self-transcendence [transcending oneself for love of God and for His purposes, and the God-centered love of humanity]. Attendance for Value Education classes is compulsory.

1. Self Awareness and Self-Esteem 1. Honesty and Integrity of the Person
2. Positive Mental Attitude 2. Leadership Skills
3. Prayer & Spirituality 3. Personality Development
4. Corruption: A Social Evil 4. Team Work/ Dignity of Labour
5. Health & Hygiene 5. Discipline and Responsibility
6. Manners & Etiquette 6. Family Life/ Interpersonal Relationship
7. Time Management/ Punctuality 7. Money Management
8. Learning Styles, Examination Skills 8. Civic Sense and Traffic Rules
9. Healthy Friendship 9. Sexuality: God’s Gift/Sexual Education
10. Respect for Life 10. Drug Abuse and Alcoholism
11. Relationship with Parents 11. HIV/AIDS: Prevention and Healing
12. Environmental Awareness 12. Life Skills
13. Film Appreciation Skills 13. Career Guidance
14. Media in Value Formation 14. Religious Tolerance and Harmony
15. Principles of Major Religions 15 God-consciousness in Daily Living