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Study Tour to Belur&Halebidu


The department of History had organised a study tour for II HESP & II HEBA on July 23rd to Belur&Halebid (Hassan district), the proposed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Belur&Halebid were both the capitals of the Hoysala dynasty which was an important period for the development of art, religion & architecture. The Hoysalas developed their own unique style of architecture which is manifested at its best in Chennakeshava temple at Belur&Hoysaleshwara at Halebid. Both the temples are famous for their intricate carvings & splendid sculptures particularly the Salabhanjikas. The ornate temples are noted for their star shaped platform, lathe turned pillars, exquisite carvings on the outer walls divided into horizontal bands& the finely designed ceiling known as Bhuvaneshwari. All these features of the Hoysala style constitute an important subject matter of study to the students of History. So in this regard the students had a practical knowledge relating to this & concurrently had a wonderful time visiting these two historical sites.