General Guidelines

  1. Every student of St. Claret’s shall be called a CLARETINE.
  2. Attendance for value education classes is mandatory and essential for a favorable character certificate.
  3. Students are advised to consult the college notice board everyday.
  4. DRESS CODE: Every student shall follow the dress code of the College: Formal dress for girls and formal shirts and pants for boys. Any type of T-shirts, Kurtas, Kurtis, leggings, and cargo pants are not allowed for boys and girls. Students must be neat and clean in their dressing and appearance. Any student found violating the dress code will be sent back home immediately. The dress code has to be maintained on all working days including days of examinations.
  5. ID CARD: All the students are to bring daily, their identity card and the handbook to the college. They should put on the ID Card in an explicit manner on their body always, while they are in the college/campus. Appropriate action will be taken on students who fail to do so.
  6. Smoking, chewing gum, chewing pan and use of any addictive substance is strictly prohibited within the campus. (Cf. Government of India Order: F.No.T 21015/25/08 NCD16.07.2008). Studetns who are found involved in such act may be immediately dismissed with.
  7. Movements of vehicles in the college campus must be in a moderate speed (below 15 KM ). While parking the vehicles in the campus students are to always keep the order and keep their vehicles locked. Students should have a driving license issued by the concerned legal authority to use motorized vehicles in the campus. College is not responsible for any incident of vehicle missing/accidents.
  8. Active participation in politics is not allowed. Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting within the college or collect money for any purpose or to circulate among them any notice or petition of any kind or paste such objects on the College notice board without the written permission from the principal. They must not join any club or society or make any engagement that would interfere with their studies without the permission of the principal.
  9. Students should preserve with them the fee receipts issued from the college for future reference. Duplicate fee receipts will not be issued in any case.
  10. Admission ticket for PUE Department examination will not be issued unless all the dues are cleared.
  11. Only those students who register the minimum required attendance at the end of the academic year and score the minimum pass mark in the examinations conducted by the college as per the norms laid down by the college will be permitted to appear for the annual examinations.
  12. In every thought, word and deed, students shall uphold the dignity, decorum, and honour of St. Claret’s. Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity in their interrelationships.