The Counselling Centre aims to provide counselling and personal development opportunities for students. The College actively promotes the overall mental and physical health and well being of our students to help them get the most out of their time at St. Clarets’, participate fully in campus life and intelligently prepare for life outside of the College. Part of the purpose of counselling is to facilitate students developing their ability to cope with stress and deal more effectively with difficult or challenging situations as they arise. As esteem and confidence are increased, individuals have a greater capacity to change their behaviour in healthy and appropriate ways.

The Counselling Centre aims at providing the students with:

  • Someone to talk to their personal, friends, family and confidential issues.
  • Help in tricky problems.
  • Advice or information about something to do with the college, or self-help information.
  • Short term counselling for something that is upsetting them in some way.
  • Enhancement of life skills such as communication, problem solving and personal growth.
  • Moral support in attempting something challenging.
  • A chance to volunteer for programmes and gain valuable experience and skills for their career and employment prospects.
  • or something else - in which case, just ask if the counselor can help you!